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Magno Borgo Compositing Reel 2014

January 15, 2014

This is my latest Compositing Reel, showcasing Compositing and Digital Paint work.
Most of the work was done at

Software used: Nuke, SilhouetteFX, Mocha Pro, and Syntheyes.
Music: “Four, Floss, Five, Six” by Blue Ducks – CC BY-NC-CA 3.0
High Quality HD 1080 Download:

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Mocha Pro Training Set produced for CmiVFX

March 24, 2011

I have produced recently an Imagineer Mocha Pro training set for CmiVFX, covering all the software modules. It is the first Training available in two languages on the CmiVFX website, featuring English and Portuguese!

PS: I would like to thank the folks of  Trilhas Urbanas Estudio that allowed me to use their facilities to record the training audios. You guys rock!

Mocha Pro For Production Volume 1



Since this is the beginning of a video series, we will get started with planar tracking concepts. You’ll get a guided tour of the Mocha Pro user interface, utilizing a simple project setup. You’ll use the Tracker Module to track surfaces, discover strategies to improve tracking, track surfaces that leave the screen, learn about the types of splines layers shapes and how to review the tracking quality with the Viewer controls.


Learn how to use the planar tracker to achieve faster results when doing Rotoscope. There will be an overview of the tools to create and manipulate Layer shapes, including edge feathering and smoothing. Learn how to evaluate rotoshape quality with the Viewer controls and when the rotoscope is finished, explore the options to export the results to other softwares.

Advanced Tracking

While working on a more challenging project, you will learn how to isolate unwanted elements from the tracking area using garbage mattes and Blend modes. Then watch a more in-depth explanation of the Adjust track module to further refine your tracking results when the Track module is not enough to solve the tracking. We then break down several methods of exporting and importing into other 3rd party applications, such as: Final Cut Pro, Nuke, Motion, and After Effects. (Autodesk Flame customers can review our Flame training video for GMask information)

Insert Module

Discover how to use the Insert module parameters to successfully place images on tracked surfaces. Learn how to render final composited inserts from Mocha Pro or to export the insert layer for other softwares. 
 Lens Module Explore the Lens module to obtain better results on the other Mocha Pro modules when shots have lens distortion. (In photography, distortion is particularly associated with zoom lenses, particularly large-range zooms, but may also be found in prime lenses, and depends on focal distance)

Remove Module

With the two example projects presented, understand how to use the unique Remove module of Mocha Pro to eliminate unwanted elements from shots. Using the same scene background or additional clean plates, we discuss the removal parameters in depth, making it easy to remove unwanted objects in shots requiring enhancement.

Stabilize Module

In this section we show you how to take shaky footage and make it presentable for further post production. Learn how to recover the missing parts of the plate using the Border settings and how to further smooth Camera movements using the Stabilize parameters.

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September 9, 2010

Here is my last compositing reel, I hope that you enjoy it!
Recent feature film and advertisement visual effects works included on it.

Shot Breakdown here!
Download a high quality Quicktime version here

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