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Monthly Archive for June, 2013

the FreezeSplineWarp technique

June 16, 2013

Hello! On this video I present the “FreezeSplinewarp” technique: it allows to matchmove and stabilize plates using Nuke’s splinewarp node.

With CornerPins your are limited to 4 points, but with this technique you can use any number of points, getting more finer control. I show also the scripts that I developed to automate the whole process.

Here are the links to download the python scripts for Nuke v7:

You can support the script development with Donations and also by emailing the Foundry’s support and request prioritization for the following ticket’s:

Bug 35393 – Unable to create splinewarp curve via python _curveknob.Shape
Bug 34896 – a way to join splinewarp shapes via Python

These will help to further improve the scripts and automation of the technique.

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