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Monthly Archive for July, 2013

Nuke .fxs (Silhouette shape format) exporter

July 23, 2013

Hello! After some time developing/testing this, its time to release for public use:
The Nuke .fxs (Silhouette shape format) exporter.
Its a Nuke python script that will let you grab any Roto/Rotopaint node and export the shapes to Silhouette Roto and Paint.

(Yes, that Mocha shapes can now go into Silhouette if you need them)

Shape position/animation (baked)
Shape Opacity Animation
Shape Motion Blur
Shape Overlay Color
Shape Blending Modes
Shape Inverted attribute
Shape Open/Closed
Delete repeated baked keyframes when possible

Nukepedia is not accepting new entries yet, so I’ll post the script here for now.

I’m working on a improved version without the need of baking all the keyframes, please get in touch for greeting, bugs, and requests!

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