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Research and Development

April 29, 2013

After some time working with visual effects and video post production, I started to develop scripts to customize tools or automate some of the repetitive and boring tasks of everyday visual effects life. Usually I create them for my own personal use on my spare time or for our company specific needs, and most of them are shared for free on the links below:

Github – As of July/2013 I’ll keep the most updated versions of the scripts here

Nukepedia: Magno Borgo – Python scripts for Nuke

BoundaryVFX: Silhoutte Roto and Paint scripts

I have a good understanding of Nuke and Silhouette Roto Python scripting, if you need development please get in touch.

If you like any of my scripts and use them often, please consider a Paypal donation:

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Silhouette Roto and Paint Scripts

April 20, 2013

If you work with Rotoscope in Silhouette Roto and Paint, check out the scripts that I’ve developed for Boundary Visual Effects. They are free and will help improve your day by day rotoscope tasks.

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