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Magno Borgo Compositing Reel

January 15, 2014Reels, Visual Effects, Work

This is my latest Compositing Reel, showcasing Compositing and Digital Paint work.
Most of the work was done at

Software used: Nuke, SilhouetteFX, Mocha Pro, and Syntheyes.
Music: “Four, Floss, Five, Six” by Blue Ducks – CC BY-NC-CA 3.0
High Quality HD 1080 Download:

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Nuke training in China

December 20, 2013Training

fxphd invited me to spend 1 month in China teaching Nuke. It was a great experience!
Check out the details here

Magno in china

Nuke .fxs (Silhouette shape format) exporter

July 23, 2013R&D

Hello! After some time developing/testing this, its time to release for public use:
The Nuke .fxs (Silhouette shape format) exporter.
Its a Nuke python script that will let you grab any Roto/Rotopaint node and export the shapes to Silhouette Roto and Paint.

(Yes, that Mocha shapes can now go into Silhouette if you need them)

Shape position/animation (baked)
Shape Opacity Animation
Shape Motion Blur
Shape Overlay Color
Shape Blending Modes
Shape Inverted attribute
Shape Open/Closed
Delete repeated baked keyframes when possible

Nukepedia is not accepting new entries yet, so I’ll post the script here for now.

I’m working on a improved version without the need of baking all the keyframes, please get in touch for greeting, bugs, and requests!

the FreezeSplineWarp technique

June 16, 2013R&D, Training

Hello! On this video I present the “FreezeSplinewarp” technique: it allows to matchmove and stabilize plates using Nuke’s splinewarp node.

With CornerPins your are limited to 4 points, but with this technique you can use any number of points, getting more finer control. I show also the scripts that I developed to automate the whole process.

Here are the links to download the python scripts for Nuke v7:

You can support the script development with Donations and also by emailing the Foundry’s support and request prioritization for the following ticket’s:

Bug 35393 – Unable to create splinewarp curve via python _curveknob.Shape
Bug 34896 – a way to join splinewarp shapes via Python

These will help to further improve the scripts and automation of the technique.

Research and Development

April 29, 2013R&D

After some time working with visual effects and video post production, I started to develop scripts to customize tools or automate some of the repetitive and boring tasks of everyday visual effects life. Usually I create them for my own personal use on my spare time or for our company specific needs, and most of them are shared for free on the links below:

Github – As of July/2013 I’ll keep the most updated versions of the scripts here

Nukepedia: Magno Borgo – Python scripts for Nuke

BoundaryVFX: Silhoutte Roto and Paint scripts

I have a good understanding of Nuke and Silhouette Roto Python scripting, if you need development please get in touch.

If you like any of my scripts and use them often, please consider a Paypal donation:

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Silhouette Roto and Paint Scripts

April 20, 2013R&D

If you work with Rotoscope in Silhouette Roto and Paint, check out the scripts that I’ve developed for Boundary Visual Effects. They are free and will help improve your day by day rotoscope tasks.

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September 9, 2010Reels

Here is my last compositing reel, I hope that you enjoy it!
Recent feature film and advertisement visual effects works included on it.

Shot Breakdown here!
Download a high quality Quicktime version here

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